Do you . . .

collaborate to provide the best possible advice for key clients?
coordinate expertise and skill sets into client teams to facilitate world class client service?
reward attorneys for participation in client teams?


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Client teams include all those who do or could work with a specific client.

The purpose of a team is to ensure that everyone working for a client knows what everyone else is doing so efforts are coordinated. Typically client teams are organized to support and enhance relationships with key clients. Usually they are chaired by the relationship attorney. Team objectives reflect the client-centric firm’s commitment to client value.

Focus is more important than size.

Regardless of size, firms can apply the team concept because it is less about size and more about a unified, strategic, proactive, results-oriented approach to clients’ issues. In a small firm, lawyers can create teams consisting of the relationship attorney, administrative support person, and anyone else working on that client’s matters. Solos can create teams by joining with colleagues within their referral network.