Do you . . .

want to be a rainmaker?

want associates to learn to develop business before they join the partnership?

worry about partners who are unable to bring in sufficient business to cover their salaries?

Popular Training Topics

Carol’s coaching focuses on attitude change.
It is my belief that all attorneys can be taught marketing basics because the most productive approach to marketing is an extension of the basic skills learned in law school: planned questions, research, analysis, planned approaches, sequential decision points.

The confidential, private nature of coaching encourages “ah-ha’s” – those moments when someone internalizes new information and sees its personal relevance.

Training transmits and reinforces
key aspects of firm culture.

Training teaches concepts to groups. It can effectively communicate firm branding concepts, cross-selling information and team tools. It provides a useful forum for introducing marketing and business development techniques and offers a setting in which to practice marketing activities using role play and group feedback.