Do you . . .

analyze your strengths and weaknesses before creating a practice strategy?

create achievable goals?

define “best” clients and grow by creating processes that meet their needs?

treat clients the way you want other professionals to treat you?

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Selected Services

Design strategic action plans that reflect the goals of firms, project teams, practice groups, branch offices or individuals.

Create strategies to increase work from “80/20” clients, and/or add new clients with similar characteristics.

Construct strategies to develop a client-focused culture.



The Key to Success is Client-focus

Business development, practice growth, client focus are only aspirations unless grounded in strategies that lay out a strategic, client-focused roadmap to follow.

Learn to demonstrate competence, interact more productively with clients and understand clients’ requirements. Strategy centered around clients becomes an engine for growth and a way of differentiating your firm or practice from the competition.