Do you . . .

organize your practice service areas in terms of what your clients need?
offer one-stop service for clients with multiple needs?
provide service menus for clients to choose from?



Selected Services

Firm size is not especially relevant.

Full service firms may have many of the services available in-house, while boutique firms and solo practitioners may want to form packaged services relationships with colleagues they can vouch for. Service packages are useful in many areas including:

Service menus and service packages create a
competitive difference.

Clients don’t care how professionals organize their firm structure. They care that services are convenient, appropriate, relevant, and meet their price/value equation. Service menus organize practice areas and individuals’ areas of expertise into categories that match the client mindset.

For Example

People seeking divorce don’t need just divorce papers; they also need help with real estate needs – including title insurance and purchase or sale of property, plus tax planning, estate planning, insurance assessments, investment advisors and, perhaps, child custody arrangements.

Service menus should follow client logic
not practice area divisions.