What reviewers say about the book
“Carol has gifted us all a substantial professional favor by creating this phenomenal roadmap for networking and business development.”

“Carol’s approach to strategic networking is like being offered a Ph.D. course, when you had only been offered a high school course previously.”

“Carol . . . explains how to network in a way that is best suited to a person’s personality.”

“Carol’s book provides an excellent roadmap . . . and most compelling to me, tools to help busy professionals weave networking time into a packed schedule in a way that is additive, rather than dilutive.”

Bespoke Training Program

My program focuses on creating a networking strategy that:

Participants learn how to build a contacts list, grow relationships, cultivate referral connections, be a resource for others, obtain business and widen their network of valued friends, loyal clients and dependable colleagues.


Everyone can network. Fewer do it well.

Networking should reflect each individual’s personality, ambitions and druthers. Once a person identifies a way to network that feels comfortable the rest is logistics. Why? Because in networking attitude is more important than aptitude.

Strategic networking is grounded in preparation.

Efficient, effective networking requires goals, strategies and tactics all focused on a specific kind of client or niche market. Good networkers chose venues where their designated target goes, and prepare conversations of interest to them. The best networkers give to get because in networking relationships what goes around, comes around.