Do you . . .

view referral sources as a strategic resource?
know who are your best referral sources?
know how much your referral sources know about your services?



Selected Services

Quick Tip: Mind Your Manners – Rule of 3

Remember to keep your referrers in the loop so they are not blind-sided when the referred to person says how wonderful you are to work with.

  • Thank for the introduction.
  • Report back after the meeting with the referred-to person.
  • Call when the work ends to thank the referrer again, and explain the activities you liked best so that they can help you find more of your favorite work.

Too often referrals are assumed not encouraged.
Most professionals say they get most of their business from referrals.Yet too often, they are taken for granted. Referral sources need to be cared for, rewarded, tracked and added to as needed. Professionals should monitor the kind of business given by each source as to quality, profitability, nature of the work.

Build your referral resources strategically.

Look for referral sources who can: