Do you . . .

think your marketing could be more effective?
know how to integrate your in-person and online efforts?
feel comfortable connecting with prospects?



Relevant Articles

“The Midsize Firm in a Tough Economy,” New Jersey Law Journal, February 1, 2010 with Alan Levine. click here to read the article



Robust business development skills are essential for success.

Business development is a strategic process that should be focused on prospects who represent the kinds of clients you want to work with and the kinds of work you want to do. People do business with people they like and trust. Like may come immediately; trust grows more slowly. Business development is the process of moving from initial handshakes through a developing relationship to friendship, trust and, then, work.

For Example – Focus and relevance are the keys to new business.

Situation: A law firm wanted to become a presence in the real estate community. They identified a variety of industry segments, targeted three, and then researched all the associations and publications, both online and print, to find those most relevant to their target groups.

Based on the research, they developed personal participation plans and an article writing campaign for the practice group attorneys.

Result: Increased visibility and additional work from both new and current clients.