Do you . . .

know what services your colleagues offer?
know the other services your own clients can use?
introduce your clients to colleagues who can help them?



Selected Services

Quick Tip: Anyone, anywhere, can cross-sell
  • Boutique firms and solo practitioners can and should cross-sell by creating a set of referral relationships with other professionals who offer services their clients may need.
  • The idea is to know your colleagues well enough to be comfortable with them working for your client and to trust them enough that you know the client will remain yours for the services you provide


Cross-selling creates tighter client relationships.

Cross-selling really means selling more than your own services to the same client, or to another division of the same client. Such sharing is essential for firms wanting to create strong relationships by meeting as many client needs as possible. The prerequisite for effective cross-selling is knowledge about what your partners do and a feeling of comfort and trust with their approach to client service.

Depth of client grows your bottom line.

To “sell” other firm services to a client requires knowledge and introductions: knowledge as to what the client needs based on your understanding of their strategies, and timely introductions to colleagues. Ideally, introductions will happen before a need arises so that the client and colleague have time to develop a relationship.