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Speaker, “Networking: How Women Lawyers Do It Better,” ABA Women Rainmaker Webinar Series, December 9, 2020


Speaker, “How to Use Body Language to Make Videoconferences Feel More Personal,” Nassau County Bar Association CLE Webinar, November 17, 2020


Speaker, “How to Turn Video Conferences into Great Experiences,” National Association of Bar Executives [NABE], November 17, 2020


Speaker and Conference Co-Chair, NYSBA, CLE Virtual Solos and Small Firms Conference: Management, Technology, Ethics ─ Part 2 The Practicing Lawyer
Greenwald talk: “Communicating Value to Your Clients: Key Skills in Client Communication,” [with Nancy Schess, Esq.], October 7, 2020


Panelist, “Business Development Issues,” Legal Resource Network, September 30, 2020


Speaker, “Strategic Networking: Building a Large Contact List and Focusing on a Small Target,” Entrepreneurs in Community Lawyering, Dallas Bar Association, September 21, 2020


Speaker, “Group Networking in the New Normal,” Gotham City Networking Inc., September 15, 2020


Speaker and Conference Co-Chair, NYSBA, CLE Virtual Solos and Small Firms Conference: Management, Technology, Ethics ─ Part 1 Your Firm
Greenwald talk: “Client-centric: Focus Your Firm on Your Most Important Resource ─ Your Clients,” [with Nancy Schess, Esq.], September 14, 2020


Speaker, “Presenting Your Best ‘You’ to Your Best Prospects,” NYSBA Webinar, August 25, 2020


Speaker, “Networking in All the Right Places,” Erich Radimann’s Spherion Staffing Webinar Series, August 21, 2020


Speaker, “How to Create a Realistic and Effective Marketing Plan Despite COVID-19,” NYSBA Webinar, August 4, 2020


Speaker, “Do Your Clients Know You Care?” NYSBA Webinar, July 28, 2020


Speaker, Plenary Session, “How to Network and Cultivate Relationships When It’s Outside of Your Comfort Zone,” 2020 ACLEA [Association for Continuing Legal Education] Annual Meeting, July 27,2020


Speaker, “Have You Let Your Network Fall into Disrepair?’ NYSBA Webinar, July 14, 2020


Speaker, “Does Videoconferencing Work for You?” NYSBA Webinar, June 30, 2020


Speaker, “Ethical Referrals in Person and Online: Plan Your Referral Strategy Now for the New Normal,” [with Abby Rosmarin, Esq.], Westchester County Bar Association CLE Webinar, June 8, 2020


Speaker, “Branding and Networking of Successful Women Attorneys: How Did She Do That?” ABA RPTE National CLE Conference, May 15, 2020


Speaker, “Growing During a Time of Crisis: Practical Ideas to Prepare Your Marketing and Operations for the New Normal,” [with Andrea Prigot], Westchester County Bar Association Webinar, May 11, 2020


Speaker, “Attorney Marketing: How to Grow During a Time of Crisis,” NYSBA CLE Webinar, [with Nancy Schess, Esq.], April 27, 2020


Speaker, “Responsive, Ethical Communication is the Foundation of Successful Client Relationships,” ABA CLE Webinar, Law Practice Division, [with Mary Vandenack, Esq.], April 16, 2020


Speaker “Creating Synergies Using Strategic Marketing Techniques,” NYLMA webinar, April 15, 2020


Speaker, “Coordinating Online and In Person Networking Activities,” [with Amy Goldsmith, Esq. and Mark Halpert], Lawline CLE Webinar, March 26, 2020


Speaker, “Strategic, Ethical Networking Activities Produce Successful Careers,” Internet for Lawyers CLE Webinar, February 1, 2020