New business strategies

Targeting strategies

Do you . . .

know how to implement effective targeting strategies?
know where your targets go for believable information?
target prospects that replicate characteristics of your best clients?

Service Offerings

Quick Tip: Four keys to effective targeting
  • Focus: Define your ideal client and identify where they are and what they value. Then go where they go.
  • Relevance: Understand what is important to your target audience. Keep your conversation relevant to them.
  • Trust:  Chart out the series of steps needed to move from an initial introduction to a trust relationship.
  • Value: Find out what is important to prospects and why. Use this knowledge to align your skill sets with their interests, needs and definition of value.


Targeting is the key to strategic growth.

Targeting focuses business development efforts on current clients with needs for additional services and on prospects who would be good clients because they mirror the attributes of your best clients. Targeting internally to grow client relationships is the fastest way to build a business. Targeting externally means building on the knowledge acquired with current clients by targeting similarly situated prospects.

A focus on one or two kinds of prospects means you can “walk their walk.”

Effective marketers learn all they can about their targets’ sources of information, buying buttons, and preferred associations and meeting locales. Armed with this knowledge they will meet and mingle in these circles, learning to “walk the walk and talk the talk” while making connections that lead to desirable work.