Do you . . .

know your clients' key audiences?
provide clients with information that is relevant and valuable?
use knowledge-sharing as a way to enhance your “trusted advisor” relationship?



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Quick Tip: Content is king

Relevant, interesting, actionable content keeps audiences coming back for more. It is a way of building rapport and trust by educating your audience.

  • Know what is important to your audience.
  • Write content that connects to them and showcases your expertise.
  • Tell stories to capture the benefits of your capabilities.


Useful knowledge-sharing practices heighten the value of professionals’ expertise.

A vibrant knowledge management system strengthens the bond between professionals and their clients. Marketing initiatives such as articles, alerts, email newsletters, blogs and podcasts provide opportunities to present up-to-date information concerning court decisions, legislation and regulations that may impact your clients.

The key is to only send thoughtful, value-added, relevant information to each client.


Better to be relevant to a few
than irrelevant to many.