Do you . . .

ask your clients what’s going on in their world that you can help them with?
know that clients love client interviews in which you ask for and respond to their input?
know how small changes in your service delivery can make large improvements in your key client relationships?



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Quick Tip: Get your money’s worth from interviews
  • Make annual client interviews a major benefit in your service package.
  • Prepare for the meeting: research both the client and the client’s industry so you are prepared with specific questions about their future direction.
  • Let the client do most of the talking.
  • Follow-up on client suggestions immediately


Clients have opinions about you whether they tell you or not.

Client interviews focus on the client – their perceptions of your service and their plans for the future. They should be complimentary, in-person meetings, held at the client’s location whenever possible. The interview serves as an opportunity to build on your matter-specific and event-driven advice and provides a foundation for the firm to proactively help clients achieve their own goals.

Client interviews become the centerpiece of a client-centric firm.

Typically, clients enjoy being asked about a firm’s services, especially if the firm promises to correct any problems. Partners should also be interviewed to gain a 360° view of the client relationship.