Do you . . .

still itemize your work by time increments instead of value achieved?
use your invoices to communicate progress and reinforce expectations?
show complimentary time and services on each invoice?



Selected Services

Quick Tip: Add client extras to the invoice mailing.
  • Enclose an offer to the client to amend the invoice amount to match their perception of the value of the work.
  • Add a separate summary of the matter covering activities during the invoice time period and highlighting the value to the client.
  • Include promotional material offering a new white paper or upcoming webinar.
  • Insert a “how are we doing?” survey, and ask the person who receives the bill to pass it along to the appropriate contact person


Billing materials should demonstrate progress.

Invoices are powerful marketing communications tools. An invoice keyed to activities rather than hourly increments helps the client track process and recall past discussions. It confirms that, “We did what we promised.”

Include complimentary activities.

Perhaps you spent time explaining DWI laws with your client’s brother in law [gratis], lunched with the client’s daughter to discuss law school options [gratis], and sent copies of a brief to the client’s vacation home [gratis]. Include these activities to remind the client that you value the relationship.


Communication guidelines – ground rules – manage expectations.

When you set communication guidelines for everyone who touches a client's experience from the front receptionist to the senior associate, you create a consistent service quality atmosphere that reinforces the service expectations set in one-on-one conversations with the lead attorney. Guidelines also influence the entire culture of the firm.